Volunteer Application 2020

Volunteering with POW! Thanet is a great opportunity to try out new skills, gain experience, make friends, enjoy being part of a team and most of all have fun while helping to make a great festival happen.

By volunteering with the Festival, individuals will:

  • gain experience of customer care and events management

  • meet new people and be part of a friendly team

  • feel a sense of achievement

  • be supporting the arts in Thanet

  • enjoy high quality performances

You will be working alongside the Festival Management team and our loyal volunteers. We work hard to try and make sure our volunteers get as much out of their time at POW! Thanet Festival as possible.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for team players with good common sense; volunteers who are reliable, enthusiastic, flexible, able to listen and share. You should also be able to recognise your own limitations, take responsibility for yourself and adhere to any health and safety instructions which are given to you by the POW! management team. But most importantly of all we ask that you ensure you commit to any shifts you agree to, as last minute changes can be very difficult to resolve and staff shortages could reflect badly on the festival.

There are several ways you can get involved.

1. Volunteering During the Festival

Working to assist with the delivery of an enjoyable and safe experience for festival audiences, maintaining a high level of customer care and providing practical assistance both inside and outside the venue.  We normally ask you to volunteer for a period of up to four hours and to cover specific events. The main tasks include:

  • Helping the Front of House Manager and/or Festival Team members to set up the venue.

  • Greeting the audience upon arrival.

  • Checking tickets of those arriving and sell tickets on the door where applicable.

  • Helping with ticket sales / raffle ticket sales at the hub - (during and pre-Festival).

  • Showing audience members to their seats.

  • Handing out and collecting evaluation forms.

  • Holding a donation bucket at the end of performances.

  • Helping to clear the venue at the end of the performance (this may require some light physical work e.g. stacking chairs).

  • In the event of an emergency, assisting the Front of House Manager as appropriate. (instructions will be given).

Additionally you will need to:

  • Understand, and be sympathetic to, the concept of International Women’s Day.

  • Ensure that you have an awareness of the local town layout.

  • Familiarise yourselves with other POW! Thanet events taking place throughout the week so that the public can be directed to activities in all three towns.

  • Have a good knowledge of public transport around Thanet – e.g. Loop bus routes, train stations, bus stops etc.

2. Invigilation of gallery spaces during the Festival

An important part of the Festival is our many visual art exhibitions. We need assistance from volunteers to invigilate  some of the exhibitions in order that they can stay open for visitors.

This involves working with at least one other volunteer to stay in, and be responsible for, the gallery space and greet visitors for a period of around 3 hours at a time.

You will need to familiarise yourself with the content of the exhibition, the Festival brochure and the local area so that you will be able to answer visitor questions.

3. Assisting with delivering posters and brochures before the Festival.

We need assistance with delivering brochures and posters from January 2020 onwards. This can be either in your own local area or outside Thanet (if you prefer).

You will be given a small round of venues and shops to deliver brochures to and put posters up.

This is an essential part of spreading the word about the festival and the more volunteer help we have the better! Even if you can only do a small amount we would be delighted to hear from you.

4. Assisting with the Festival evaluation

Another way to get involved with the festival if you find you are unable to commit to much time during the festival period, or would like to volunteer on a more flexible basis is to help with the Festival Evaluation.  This involves helping to upload completed audience questionnaires to the evaluation system in the two weeks following the festival, normally using your own computer from home (after a training session).

The Festival Evaluation is a really important part of what we do as it helps us improve POW! according to audience feedback and assists in securing our funding which allows the Festival to grow and develop. We have some wonderful volunteers who have helped us with this task in the past and we are always delighted to have more help.

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  • All volunteers must be 18 years old or over.

  • Volunteers are responsible for arranging their own transport to and from Festival events.

  • Although volunteers give their time freely (and the Festival appreciates that volunteers are under no obligation to give their time), volunteers agree to support the Festival as events and tasks require, and as directed by the Festival Staff.

  • Volunteers agree to support as a minimum the events and duties they have signed up for in the accompanying rota, and as confirmed (with possible amendments/ additions) with the Festival.

  • Volunteers agree to arrive at the stated duty time and to remain on duty until indicated by Festival staff.

  • In the unlikely case that volunteers cannot for any reason report for the events/duties they have been allocated, volunteers will inform the Festival at the earliest possible opportunity.

  • Absence from agreed events/duties without very good reason will jeopardise future volunteering opportunities or result in a warning and possible dismissal from Festival involvement.

  • In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employees, volunteers and others engaged in activities have a duty to take reasonable care to avoid injury to themselves and/or to others in all activities.

  • The organisation’s Equality policy seeks to ensure that no person is given less favourable treatment or consideration, or disadvantaged in any way on the grounds of age, disability, gender, marital status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or any other individual characteristic which may unfairly affect a person’s opportunities in life. Volunteers are expected to respect this policy and conduct themselves accordingly.

  • All persons engaging in volunteering activities should take proper care of their personal belongings. POW! Thanet cannot be responsible nor accept liability for any loss of or damage to personal belongings.

  • Volunteer organisations hold personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. All persons have the right of access to the information being held about them and no information will be disclosed to third parties without their consent.

  • Photographs may be taken at the events and these are sometimes subsequently used for publicity purposes. If anyone does not wish to be featured publicity under any circumstances it is their responsibility to inform a member of the Management Team.


The information we hold about you as a volunteer-

  • Your full name, e-mail address and phone number along with the name of the town where you live.

  • If you have any access requirements.

  • We also hold details on any criminal convictions you have made us aware of.

  • If you have a current DBS certificate we will hold the number and your date of birth.

  • Any information you send us by e-mail.

  • We may photograph you during your work as a volunteer, but your name will not be stored with the photograph.

How we store it -

  • Your personal data is held on a DropBox folder only accessible to the POW! organisational team.

  • Photographs taken of you during your work as volunteer will be stored on a file shared with the whole POW! team, your name will not be stored with these.

  • Any printed forms are held in storage in the POW! office and/or at the offices of the POW! team members.

  • Additionally your name and e-mail address are stored on our mailing list held on mailchimp. This information can be accessed by the POW! team only.

  • Any e-mails you send us will be kept in our online inboxes.

  • In the lead up to and during the festival your name, access requirements and phone number are given to the POW! team, these documents are destroyed after the festival.

How we use it -

  • We use your information only for the purposes of contacting you regarding volunteer work for POW! Thanet Festival.

  • Images of you taken during volunteering may be used for press, marketing and on our website, on which you may be identified by name.

  • Any criminal convictions and DBS information is used to ensure safety of vulnerable groups that you may come into contact with as part of your volunteer work for POW!, this information will be shared with the relevant authorities should we be requested to provide it.

    How long we keep your information -

  • We will keep all of the information for a period of five years from your most recent Festival involvement.