EmPOWerment at POW! 2019

POW! Thanet 2019, was our most successful  Festival so far. Here are some of the many, many comments we have received:
"Another triumph of a festival, bigger, better and more wonderful than ever!"
"Brilliant, warm, welcoming and upbeat"
"Blown away by the programme of work and great fizz that POW creates around our small town. It's an urgent festival that gives powerful women space and a voice - and brings allies out into shared conversations"
"Couldn't thank you and the rest of the team more for what you all bring to the Isle"
"Thank you so much for having us at your brilliant festival - we are so very proud to be part of it!!"
" The programme of events was wonderful....Congratulations to the POW! team"

And we couldn't have done it without YOU!
The POW! team send their heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part in the festival, volunteered their help, or came to our events and made the festival a great community experience.


We'd also like to thank our funders, sponsors, supporters, partners and all the amazing venues and artists who were part of the  67 events and exhibitions that made up POW! 2019.
See more fantastic images of the festival here


Please also  take a look at Zola Kinden’s  beautiful poster specially designed for POW!  as part of a competition with Canterbury College students set up by our Visual Arts Coodinator, Claire Orme. You can buy this poster for £10  via the website, here.
Every purchase helps support POW! continue our work in Thanet.


Save the Date - Be part of POW! 2020
We are now looking towards the 2020 Festival and will shortly be inviting Expressions of Interest from artists who would like to be part of next year’s POW!  

Open Forum Events will be held  in Ramsgate and Margate on Monday 20th May and Thursday 23rd May. Further details, including the theme of the next festival, will be publicised  at the beginning of May.
Keep an eye out for more information via e-mail and social media.

Streetwalking - a walking women’s manifesto

A walking women’s manifesto

On 17th March 2019, Sonia Overall led a public walk as part of POW! 2019 to consider how we read women in public spaces. Some of the 24 participants contributed to the following walking manifesto and list of survival kit texts at the end of the walk.


We should feel entitled to our own space. We should be walking to ‘look’, not to be looked at. We should walk in our own footsteps and not follow others. We have as much right to take up space as anyone else. (If 17% of the crowd are women, everyone thinks there are as many women as men!)


Take back the joy of walking for its own sake. Be proud – claim the space. Be brave. Be bold. Walk where you want to. Be daring in your gaze. Look at other women. Love people-watching. Smile and say hello to people. You’ll be surprised. Walk smiling. Walk frowning. Walk alone and uninhibited. Walk in new places, exploring. Be a child when walking, totally absorbed in the environment, not caring what others think. Walk happily, free of glancing at a mobile phone. Always night walk at the full moon. Banish the thought of being murdered as you walk. If you don’t want to walk alone, get a dog or borrow one. Do not follow someone else’s footsteps. Follow your own path to create your own dreams, not someone else’s. Walk through life and try to find the strength to share.


Empathy for women’s spaces. Public design of space, managing pavements, restricting cars. No parking on pavements. No racing towards zebra and pelican crossings when someone is crossing. Respect for pedestrians. Better pavement surfaces. Better street lighting. Protection of public toilets to enjoy walking.


For street homeless women to be safe. To make the environment shine for all women walkers, including those for whom walking is too often imposed.

Texts for a feminist survival kit

readings from the walk & recommendations from participants

  • Ahmed, Sara. Living a Feminist Life

  • Angelou, Maya. I Rise

  • Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre

  • Burns, Anna. Milkman

  • Carter, Angela. Wise Children

  • Elkin, Lauren. Flâneuse

  • Fey, Tina. Bossypants

  • Rhys, Jean. Quartet and After Leaving Mr Mackenzie

  • Rich, Adrienne. ‘When We Dead Awaken’

  • Solnit, Rebecca. Wanderlust

  • Wesley, Mary. The Camomile Lawn

  • Woolf, Virginia. Mrs Dalloway

If you are a walking woman who has created a manifesto, or you would be interested in contributing to a network walking manifesto, please contact Sonia through her website

For more information please visit Sonia’s website http://women-who-walk.org/streetwalking/

Photograph by Rebekah Dean.

Photograph by Rebekah Dean.

Update on POW!'s community projects

POW!’s Community Projects have been progressing well as the festival approaches

 Carli Jefferson - Reclaiming the Power - a ROSA funded community project.

Carli Jefferson ran amazing sessions with women from the Oasis support group. Each week different materials were given to the group to experiment with producing some wonderful moments of creativity. Women found  the love for art they once had being revived and inspiration was released to create varied works of empowerment and determination! Sessions included some tears as memories were released and shared, but there were also tales of joy of the magnificent journeys that some of the women have been on to get to the empowered and safe place that they find themselves in now! Works include a song written and sung by 2 of the group, a film, paintings and collages. Come and see the results on Art Crawl Night in Margate on 7th March.

 Kasia Molga - Sealabs Edition#1 Reactive Jewellery and the Sea - a ROSA funded community project.


Robotic Fusionist Kasia Molga has started her sessions with the young girls at Pie factory Music to make ‘Wearables’ - jewellery or clothes that change in some way when you interact with them! Sessions have been lots of fun so far with the girls showing that working with electronics doesn’t have to be dull- as they all took up singing ‘call and response’ songs in unison at the top of their voices while sewing components together to produce an electronic circuit! Go Girls! Come and interact with the finished works at Kasia’s studio in Margate on Art Crawl Night on 7th March.

Sarah Wyld and Lucy Edematie - See Me and Hear my Voice - a ROSA funded community project.

Sarah and Lucy have spent 2 months visiting and talking with women from East Kent Mencap to capture life-stories and incredible personal tales.  Wonderful, large images literally which jump out of the frame at you, whilst words and sounds delve deeper revealing snapshots of the incredible different lives and interests that the women have. Join them for the Margate Art Crawl Night end party on 7th March.

Tracie Peisley - Once Upon a Time - a ROSA funded community project.

Tracie Peisley worked with women who are either living with, or are caring for those who are living with memory loss and dementia from Copperfields, Ramsgate, to make beautiful textile  memory books. The deeply emotional sessions produced wonderful memory sharing, and books were completed with collage, paintings and real photographs which can be cherished by the women’s families. A recent coffee and cake morning event for other residents and friends of the centre to come and see what has been going on proved popular, with a visiting group spontaneously having fun in a sewing session that Tracie had provided! Come see the works and meet the artist in Ramsgate on Art Crawl Night on 6th March


Tomorrow’s Great Pageant

Post Workers Theatre (Dash and Nick) and photographer Jason have been leading theatre and photographic workshops for young people at Liberty Training to re-imagine a famous political cartoon from a 1909’s Suffragette play! The first day found the young people learning to create live images or Tableau Vivant using simple camera techniques, and talking about what we mean when we think about Gender, Prejudice or Freedom - all this whilst standing still on one leg, being Usain Bolt, or just ‘being’ a random word for the others in the group to guess! Come and see the final images at the Art Crawl Night party at Vinyl Head in Ramsgate on 6th March.


Banners Project


Our Banners project is on its way! Artist Jessica Vorsanger recently led inspiration banner- making talks and everyone went away brimming with excitement! Groups such as Speak Up CIC are now full steam ahead creating a lively, colourful banner to walk with in our Opening Night Procession. Jessica is making more visits this week to take a look and provide more inspiration for all our participants! Come and join us for the procession on 8th March from Margate Station!

POW! Banner makers needed!


POW! are looking for banner makers and walkers!

Would you or your group, like to make a banner and be part of our International Women's Day procession for the official launch this years POW! Festival? Are you part of a group that supports or celebrates women's issues, or, would you and a group of friends like to make a banner to celebrate inspirational women and be part of our procession?

If you would like to find out more about how to be involved in this project, please e-mail info@powthanet.com for more information.

This years POW! 2019 official launch will open with a procession of banners created by women from local organisations around Thanet and will be led by artist Jessica Voorsanger. On Friday 8th March, the different groups with their banners, will meet and will form a procession leading to Turner Contemporary. This will be the main focal point of the launch of POW! 2019.


In 2018, as part of the Artichoke / 14 – 18 Now Festival, artist Jessica Voorsanger worked with Turner Contemporary in collaboration with a group of local artists and makers to create the banner for this event. POW! 2018 commissioned artist Tracie Peisley to work alongside her, and with a small group of people from the community in Thanet, created the POW! Banner which then took part in the procession, in London.

See here for more information: turnercontemporary.org